10 September 2011

About this blog and The Berlagebrug

A few months ago I started to make these long walks along the Amstel. While strolling along the Weesperzijde I had a nice view over the river and all the houses on the Amsteldijk. The pitch black water, the grey capricious skies, the lights, the reflections. Sometimes I was imagining the Amstel to be a continuous stream of black ink just streaming into the city and there was nothing we could do about it.

On the Berlagebrug there are these little extensions (erkers) from where you have a nice position to watch the river float gently into the city. While standing there one evening I realized that I live now for more then half of my life in Amsterdam. 22 years is quite a long time and at that moment it felt like the right moment to do something with it. I decided to take my camera with me while browsing the Amstel river and this strange city; that I never called my hometown but I think I will from now on.

Here is a short film-clip about the opening of the Berlagebrug in 1932. It's impressing to see this part of the city in the construction phase. The film presents a brand new world full of life and opportunities. Nevertheless the crisis of the thirties was already present at that time.

12-10-2011 Sander Haccou