27 February 2012

Sloestraat seen from the Joseph Israëlskade

When I make the evening walks I never take my tripod with me because it feels not right somehow. It would be more like work. Or maybe like fishing. Anyway sometimes there are no good spots, like garbage cans, hurdles or benches to place the camera on. The canon was placed right in the mud to take this shot of the Sloestraat.

25 February 2012

14 February 2012

Atelierwoningen Zomerdijkstraat

When I moved here in 1990 I found a house in the Kribbestraat (what a good place to start). This street in the Rivierenbuurt is right around the corner of the atelier building in the Zomerdijkstraat. 

The atelierwoningen (artist residences) were made in the thirties by the architects: Piet Zanstra, Jan Giesen and Karel Sijmons. Jan Wolkers was living in the Zomerdijkstraat 22 from 1950 untill 1981. I found a nice picture of Jan Wolkers on the website of Sandra van Beek (Jan is the man looking from the door on the right). 

I also read that Gerrit van der Veen was living in the same studio where Jan Wolkers was housed later. A lot of information about the building and it's inhabitants is found on the site of Sandra van Beek. Other information is found on "Het geheugen van Plan-Zuid", a comprehensive website with stories, photo's and other interesting information about the district.

A lot of stories meet in this post about the Zomerdijkstraat.

13 February 2012

12 February 2012

Foggy Night (Amstelkade)

There will be more photo's of this strange, nervous walk through the Rivierenbuurt later on. For today I stick with an impassioned image of the Amstelkade. Notice the group of teenage boys on the left (Joseph Israëlskade). It is not so often that people appear in my images. This was made on the 28th of Februari 2012.


I already wrote about the Kribbestraat in the post about the Zomerdijkstraat. I lived here for almost six years while studying at the art academy. I still go there once in a while to meet with my friends (one of them still rents the apartment). Good old Kribbestraat.

I remember now that the winters in the Rivierenbuurt could be quite grey, quite gloomy.

01 February 2012

Jan van Goyenkade

Last week I made a long walk to the other side of Zuid. Beginning at the Ceintuurbaan I walked to De Lairessestraat and half way there I took a little side-route to look at the Emmastraat. This neighbourhood (I must say) looks good at the daytime but maybe even better in the evening. From the Koninginneweg I walked to the Valeriusplein and than under the Amsterdams Lyceum. It was quiet early and there were a lot of people on the streets (cars, bikes, tourists etc.) Passing through the Lyceum I entered the beautiful and calm Jan van Goyenkade. From the greytones in the sky you can tell that it was still freezing that night.