12 February 2012

Foggy Night (Amstelkade)

There will be more photo's of this strange, nervous walk through the Rivierenbuurt later on. For today I stick with an impassioned image of the Amstelkade. Notice the group of teenage boys on the left (Joseph Israƫlskade). It is not so often that people appear in my images. This was made on the 28th of Februari 2012.


I already wrote about the Kribbestraat in the post about the Zomerdijkstraat. I lived here for almost six years while studying at the art academy. I still go there once in a while to meet with my friends (one of them still rents the apartment). Good old Kribbestraat.

I remember now that the winters in the Rivierenbuurt could be quite grey, quite gloomy.